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Using fun events as incentives will motivate your group to exceed their fundraising goals!

We’ve helped schools across the country significantly increase their sales! Our programs improve results by increasing student participation. Big Event's ideas are different because our thrilling prize programs motivate more students to sell items from their brochure. Using innovative incentive ideas, our schools have experienced higher gross sales than with their previous company. We guarantee that your students will not forget their big event fundraising experience! Learn more about our programs!

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If you’re not looking for creative ways to improve on your existing fundraiser, your sale can become stagnant after a while. You can further increase sales by adding a personalized school mug brochure to a larger brochure. By adding your own customized mug, you’re offering something completely different that will get people’s attention. You’ll also help get the word out about your organization. Variety Attracts More Buyers Some people will want to buy out of the main brochure while others may want to do something different and purchase a school mug. This also gives you the opportunity to reach a different audience. Since most of the items found in brochures are geared towards women, the sports mug may also attract more men. Team Selling can be Exponential It’s been proven that students who are able to get family members to help them sell usually bring in more money than those who don’t. The...