3 Questions We Expect From School Fundraising Groups

When it comes to planning and scheduling school fundraising programs many groups schedule their fundraiser before school is out for the summer. This way their fundraising kickoff date is already on the calendar and they don’t have to worry about it once things get busy again in the fall. However, there are also schools that obtain their fundraising information during activities like summer PTA conferences or even wait until after school starts to make their decision on what fundraising brochure they plan to use. As a result, we can expect lots of inquiries about our programs from people who will be calling in. Here are probably the 3 most popular questions that we anticipate getting and what you can expect our answers to be:

1. What school fundraising product sells the most?
Whenever we get asked which school fundraising product is our biggest seller, we almost always respond back with the same answer. The product that will sell the most for your fundraising group is the one that you believe in the most. In the end, it shouldn’t matter what we say, or even what product has the highest overall sales if we were to add up all of our school fundraisers. If you don’t believe that the product is the best one that you can offer to your customers then it won’t sell well. Why? Because you won’t be excited about it and you’re probably not going to talk about it much either. This will carry over to everyone who is involved with your fundraiser, from the students to the parents as well as the teachers. Yes, you must have a product that you feel people will embrace, but if you don’t bother to promote it well during your fundraising kickoff and encourage more sales by using an exciting prize program and supplemental fundraising incentive plan, your product probably won’t reach its full sales potential.

2. What percent profit of fundraising sales will our school make?
Everyone thinks that if they have been successful at negotiating a higher profit percentage of their total school fundraising sales then that is where they will get maximum value for their money. Actually, they are only partially correct. When schools are focused mainly on percent profit they are often not as attentive to the things that they should be concentrating on like promoting their sale effectively. Often times a school that gets a higher profit percentage is also giving up other things like the chance to receive a better prize program that may motivate their students to sell more. Remember, you don’t take profit percent to the bank you take money. It’s more important to focus your efforts on how much money you want to end up with in the end than on what percent profit you can get. Percent profit largely depends on the type of product that the school ends up selling as well as the type of prize program. For example, in some cases frozen food and cookie dough fundraisers offer a lower percent profit than seasonal brochures do.

3. Tell us about how to make our school fundraiser more successful?

  • There are many things that go into making your school fundraiser successful like:
  • Choosing a fundraising product that your school will believe in
  • Motivating your students to sell as much as possible with the right prize program
  • Effectively marketing your fundraiser while the sale is taking place
  • Receiving the proper school fundraising tools
  • Ensuring that your school fundraising company provides you with the best possible advice during the planning stage of your fundraiser and then gives you responsive service throughout the sale

In the end, what will make your school fundraiser successful is the amount of time and effort that you will be willing to put into it.

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