3 Reasons Sports Groups Like Sportswear Fundraising Incentives

Most high school students have grown skeptical of prize programs that are offered by most fundraising companies. They are usually cheap, break easily and most students and their coaches find little to no benefit to them at all. As a result, these types of prize programs really don’t motivate older students. However, what we have found is that students will still sell more items if a prize program is offered as opposed to not offering any incentive at all so is there a better solution?

What we have discovered is that students who are associated with sports teams like softball, baseball or track at their high school will sell more items from their sales brochure when they are offered customized sportswear items as prizes compared to those fundraising groups who received a more traditional prize program as their incentive. There are 3 main reasons why high school student athletes are more motivated to sell when they receive a sportswear prize program:

  1. Adds Value: They are receiving something of personal value that is directly related to their team. For example, when a student is working towards receiving a polo shirt or sweat shirt that will be embroidered with their school name and group they consider that to be much more valuable than winning a prize that they may not even care about out of a more traditional prize program
  2. Incorporates Team Unity: A smart coach will see a sportswear prize program as an opportunity to use the sportswear to promote team unity at the same time that the group is fundraising. For instance, by setting a common goal for everyone to sell enough items from their product brochure to win a polo shirt that the team will wear whenever they travel means that everyone on the team will be obligated to sell enough to win the polo shirt or fear being the only teammate without it. Knowing that others on their team will be wearing the same garment motivates them to work harder 
  3. Justifies Higher Fundraising Goals: Generally students will need to sell more to reach the more meaningful sportswear item prize levels. By knowing how many items it will take to reach the team sweatshirt level or even win the sports travel bag for example, a coach can set a fundraising goal that is higher than what they could with a more traditional prize program because sportswear has a higher intrinsic as well as extrinsic value to the students. For example, students are more apt to work harder for something that will be related to their team because their team is a part of their athletic identity.

Regardless of how strong your prize program is, it is also important to supplement your fundraiser with additional incentives. Here are some great additional incentive ideas that don’t have to cost you much money to implement but will even further increase your sales:

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