Should you Spend Money on Your School Fundraiser?

Most people understand that school fundraisers are necessary; however many don’t realize that for their sale to succeed they must invest their time, and in some cases even their money. After all, you are only going to get out what you put in. Companies provide needed supplies at no cost, like sales brochures and prize program flyers, as well helpful tools that are designed to help maximize sales; however it’s the job of fundraising groups to put them to work. We have found that those groups that utilize what we provide usually end up pleased with their results. In some cases though it may be warranted to spend money but your goal should be to maximize the return on your investment as much as possible.

The Basic Prize Program is not Enough
If you want your fundraiser to really succeed then you have to do more than just offer a basic prize program that companies provide. Over time, our results have shown that most schools that offer additional fundraising incentives that are designed to engage sellers throughout the selling period usually outperform those who don’t supplement their main prize program at all.

Ensure a Return on Your Investment
If you decide to invest money into additional incentives like a grand prize drawing or say a limousine for your top sellers, you will want to make sure that you more than make back your investment. The best way to do that is to promote your incentive throughout the selling period. This can be done by:

  • Making periodic school-wide announcements
  • Sending home notices to parents
  • Posting flyers around your school
  • Announcing your incentive on social media websites like Facebook

Effective additional incentives that cost money but have proven to increase sales include:

  • Lunch/Limo
  • Money Wheel/Money Machine
  • Top Seller Prizes

You can reward these incentives to your top sellers or have a prize drawing for every seller who reaches a certain number of items sold.

No Cost Incentives
Is it possible to provide additional incentives that will increase sales without spending any extra money? Absolutely and the more creative you are the more successful you will be. When offering no-cost incentives it is important to know what motivates your sellers. For example, players who play high school sports would probably enjoy not having to run at the end of practice or pick up equipment; therefore you can exempt sellers who reach a certain sales goal from having to perform these tasks for a day.

Elementary schools can incorporate things like prize drawings that require students to sell 5 items for every prize coupon that they turn in. Names are then pulled out of a box and winners are announced. This will help keep students actively engaged in your fundraiser.

The incentives that you can offer that don’t cost any money are endless and are only limited by your creativity. Here are just a few ideas that you can use to motivate your sellers to reach sales goals during your sale:

Regardless of the type of additional incentive ideas that you decide to offer, if you don’t invest the time and energy to promote them you will probably not get the most out of your fundraiser.

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