Why Smart High School Fundraising Groups Sell Specialty Items

The most popular brochure fundraisers are the large variety shoppers that contain a wide variety of gift items, candles, jewelry candy and wrapping paper. We get a significant number of requests from high school fundraising groups that want to sell these big brochures; however there are reasons why they may want to consider a specialty item fundraising brochure instead.

Elementary Schools Are Already Selling Them
Most elementary school fundraisers are already selling the large multi-page brochures. For a local high school group to try to compete with elementary school groups that can be as large as 500 or more students by showing a similar brochure to potential customers can prove to be counterproductive.

Customer Buying Preference
Who do you think most people would rather buy from, an elementary-aged student or a high school student? Given a choice, most people seem more receptive to purchasing from younger students. The exception is if they already know the high school student. So unless the high school student is offering something different and unique, chances are the elementary student will get the sale. What sometimes helps is if the high school group is able to start their sale before the elementary school; however many elementary schools are already aware the advantage of starting early and often start their fundraiser as soon as the first week of school.

The High School Student Mentality
If high school students know that they have to compete against elementary school students who are selling out of a similar brochure they are less apt to want to sell. They already know that most people prefer buying from the younger students so they are apt to not want to work as hard as a result. On the other hand, if you put something in their hands that stands out, they are more apt to believe that they can compete for the sale by offering something different.

The Simpler the Better
To make sure that their students are familiar with the brochure, good high school sponsors will always review the brochure with their students at their fundraiser kickoff meeting. High school students in general prefer selling out of brochures that are simple to show. Specialty item brochures that contain one type of product or theme, like candles or jewelry, are quick and easy to show.

High school students are different from elementary school students. They won’t just sell because they are excited about the prize program. You have to come up with creative ways that will level the fundraising playing field as much as possible.

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