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Our fundraising tools are designed to help your fundraiser run smoothly while maximizing your profits. Find out why we suggest using additional support materials

Hopefully the school fundraising company that you’ll be working with is also offering an online store. The online store is an additional money-maker for your school fundraiser because it allows for your students and parents to approach people who may not have access to your sales brochure. While your sellers can approach people who live near them with the brochure, the online store allows for them to also market your fundraiser to out of town family and friends.

School fundraising is hard work but to truly be successful you should have an effective game plan.

Whenever we sign a school to do a fundraiser we encourage them to explore our variety of fundraising sales tools that we feel will help make their fundraiser run even more efficiently while at the same time helping to further increase sales. Many of our schools take full advantage of what we have to offer and they are able to reap the benefits; however many fundraiser groups don’t. Why is that?

Before every fundraiser kickoff we work with sponsors to make sure that they perform the following checklist:

Let’s face it, your high school fundraising group needs the money but you don’t think you can get them to sell very much in order to make a fundraiser worth your time and effort. After all, high school students aren’t necessarily going to be easily motivated by a prize program like students who sell for elementary school fundraisers.

School fundraisers are hard work to begin with and to make matters worse, nobody really wants to do them. It always seems like every year the same few reluctant, yet sacrificial people end up volunteering because no one else will help. It stands to reason that if the same people are in charge of fundraising every year, don’t they ever get tired of doing it? Of course, but they do it anyway because their central focus is on the students and their best interest.

If you select the 'Fantastic Friends' magic show as your theme for your students as a part of the Big Event Magic Show Prize Program for your school fundraiser what follows is some useful information that you can use at your school as follow-up to help prevent bullying:

Helpful “Bully Prevention” Information for Teachers to pass on to their students:

A primary goal for your school fundraiser should be to reach your money goal in as short a period of time as feasible. The idea that the longer you give your students to sell the more money you will make is not necessarily true. In fact, this philosophy can also work against you. The longer your fundraiser lasts, the lower the sense of urgency that your sellers will have and the more they will tend to procrastinate.

Most of us have been probably been approached by high school students who asks, "Want to buy something?" Students who approach potential customers can appear awkward and can even be misunderstood as unprofessional. In reality they are simply untrained and haven’t been provided with the proper sales tools. We are more apt to buy from someone who can tell us who they are, what organization they represent and why we should support them. Sponsors should be preparing high school students to properly introduce themselves to potential buyers.

It may be surprising that there are a lot schools out there that simply do a school fundraiser just because it’s that time of the year and that’s just when they always do it. If you ask them why they are doing a fundraiser their answer is almost always the same. They are raising money for the ‘general fund’. They then go on to explain that their students, staff and parents are used to it that way and it almost runs on autopilot.


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