Increasing Fundraising Sales

Your ultimate goal should be to raise as much money as possible. Review our suggestions on how to maximize your fundraising sales

Your teachers can be an important ally when it comes to helping you bring in elementary school fundraising sales; however their plates are already full and they probably have limited spare time as it is. So what simple steps can you implement into your fundraiser to encourage them to become more involved?

We encourage all of our schools to follow up with their sellers as often as possible to help ensure that they are working towards their fundraising goal. Should schools expect us to do the same with them? Some people may not enjoy it when others check in on them while others appreciate the accountability.

You have been searching for the perfect school fundraiser. Obviously you goal is to find something that will bring in the most money but you haven’t been completely pleased with your results. Many questions may come to mind like:

One of the best ways to increase school fundraising sales and raise more money is to add additional prize incentives. For instance, young sellers get very excited at the idea of getting to ride in a big limousine or going to a big pizza party; so as a result, a lot of sellers compete for this special incentive by selling more items. This is a great way to add yet another element of excitement to your school fundraising campaign, so we highly encourage you to consider it.

For years the focus of brochure fundraising has been on making sales from a catalog that requires students to sell face to face. The thought has traditionally been that to be effective you need to make the effort to approach people, physically show them what you were selling and then persuade them to make a purchase. Approaching people takes both time and work. Some enjoy it and are good at it while others are not.

Some people feel that students involved with high school fundraisers don't sell as well as younger students when it comes to school fundraising. By the time students reach high school they are no longer as excited about winning prizes like they were when they were younger. It also takes a lot more to motivate a high school student to sell for a variety of reasons:

We feel that our primary purpose is to help fundraising sponsors achieve their sales goals. At the very least sponsors should be combining a good prize program with their fundraiser brochure to help motivate their students to sell. However, we also attempt to get our customers to think outside the box and do even more to help maximize their students selling efforts.

Most of the time elementary school fundraising coordinators or PTA boards focus on ways to increase overall sales or seller participation. What is often not discussed however is how to increase the number of individual sales made per seller. In other words, how can we make those who already participate in your fundraiser even more productive? If you can find ways to increase the productivity of those who are already selling, your sales results would increase significantly.

Many people place a major emphasis for selecting a school fundraiser on how much profit percent they will receive from their fundraising company. In a lot of cases, once schools have weighed the pros and cons of perhaps several different companies under consideration, in the end it often comes down to who offers the most profit. Unfortunately this is a short-sighted approach for a variety of reasons.

Most people who are in charge of their school fundraiser don’t really give the school fundraising prize program a second thought. As long as it contains decent prizes and the prize levels are somewhat reasonable, what else should matter? After all, every fundraising company offers the same prizes, right?


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