Promoting Your Fundraiser

If you want to get the most out of your fundraiser you’re going to have to promote it. Learn how to keep your sellers excited about your fundraising program

You are incorporating additional incentives into your school fundraiser, aren’t you? If you are only relying on the regular prize program that your fundraising company is providing to motivate your students then you are probably not doing enough to maximize your sales potential. There are basically two places that your students will see this prize program: 1) at your kickoff presentation and 2) inside their fundraising packet.

You may have heard it said before. You don’t take ‘profit’ to the bank you take ‘money’. Fundraising coordinators often make the mistake by focusing too much on obtaining the highest profit percent possible for their school fundraiser when negotiating with a fundraising company. Some people won’t even consider working with a company that offers less than 50% profit. In some cases competing fundraising companies have had to go even higher in order to get the business. Is the school sacrificing in order to get a higher profit?

Everyone wants their school fundraiser to be successful. The most valuable fundraising asset that you have is your students. The more students that you are able to engage in your fundraiser the more sales you will bring in. The key is how are you going to get your students involved? What follows are the promotional ABC’s that you will want to utilize that will help ensure that you are getting the maximum number of students to participate in your school fundraising program:

Any good school fundraising coordinator is constantly looking for ways to make their school fundraiser more successful. If the school is doing a brochure fundraiser they already realize that the prize program that is provided by the fundraising company is not going to be enough by itself. Therefore, finding the right additional incentives that will motivate the students to sell will also be important.

Since both the Big Event Magic Show and Big Event Reptile Adventures Show are designed to be both entertaining as well as educational, it is easy to see why everyone will benefit. In a perfect world, everyone in your fundraising group will sell the required minimum from their school fundraiser brochure.

Since we are approaching the holidays it seems appropriate to answer a question that seems to be on a lot of people’s minds. School administrators are wondering, with so much pressure to squeeze academics into the school day, how will they have time to have their student’s Big Event reward incentive for their recent school fundraiser? Perhaps a more appropriate question to ask is when is the best time to have our big event?

If you want your school fundraiser to be successful and raise as much money as possible, you will need to make sure that as many people know about it as possible, both inside as well as outside your organization.

1. Promote Your School Fundraiser Ahead of Time

Some people are afraid to add extra incentives to their school fundraiser because they don’t know if they will get a good return on their investment. How do you know if the money that you’ve spent is going to pay off or not? If you are concerned about this, or you have a limited budget, your objective should be to incorporate additional incentives to your fundraiser that will further increase your sales while spending the least amount of money, or even no money at all.

Most groups have either kicked off their school fundraiser already or are planning to do so shortly. The fundraising kickoff is probably the most important method that schools have to motivate their students to bring in sales.


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