Selecting a Fundraiser

Choosing the right fundraising program for your school or group takes thought and consideration. Read about how to select the right fundraiser

The other day I responded to a question from a student on another blog who was interested in a high school fundraiser for their senior trip in two years. Instead of throwing out suggestions for fundraising products or ideas that his group could sell to raise money, I took a different approach.

You have already decided to sell a catalog for your next school fundraiser and have even decided on a particular theme, but what else should you consider in order to make sure that you are offering the best possible product to your customers? After all, a good brochure can help make you more money.

Deciding to do a school discount card fundraiser is something that most people will consider usually because they are looking for something simple. While selling discount cards can be highly profitable for lots of fundraising groups it is also important to be aware of the potential pros and cons.

The Pros:

The other day a fundraising group asked us how they got paid for doing a fundraiser. Although this may be a basic question for some it brings up a lot of good fundamental questions about which fundraiser might work best for a particular school.

There are basically 2 types of fundraisers that most fundraising companies offer:

The primary goal of our blog is to provide useful, informative and unbiased information. Our blog is not just for our customers but is for everyone who is considering a school fundraiser. With that said, every once in a while we make the humble decision to toot our own horn. After all, somebody has to do it. Yet, this award is really about our customers because they are the ones that put their trust in us to help them raise money.

If you are a parent you can definitely relate to feeling bombarded with so many fundraisers. If it’s not enough that your own children are busy selling for their own fundraising groups, you also have to contend with the neighborhood children that knock on your door as well. Perhaps you feel obligated to support other kids because their parents also support yours. It seems like there’s a never-ending stream of fundraisers going on. Why is that?

There are many reasons why many people struggle with whether they should do their own school fundraiser, like have a school carnival, or simply hire a fundraising company. Schools that have grown tired of the same old company product brochures and prize programs may be experiencing apathy, or even complaints, from their parents and are therefore being pressured into considering a change. Fundraising sales may be trending downward as well which makes changing to something new, like a school carnival, seem even more appealing.

Anyone who’s ever been to a school fundraising kickoff assembly can tell you how excited students get once they initially see the prizes that they have a chance to win. Their first reaction is usually one of optimism and expectation. They can’t wait to start selling once they get home. The discouragement often doesn’t start kicking in until they realize how many items they actually have to sell in order to win the bigger and more worthwhile prizes.

Everyone wants something for nothing. We want banks to loan us money with nothing down, to lose weight without exercising and reach our fundraising goals with little to no effort; yet isn’t it risky to assume that we can achieve success without sacrifice? What if things don’t work out like we hope they will? Will we get what we deserve?


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