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One of the most exciting ways to motivate students to sell is by using a Big Event Prize Program. Sellers get to attend a fun event at their school in exchange for reaching an easy to obtain sales goal. Schools will want to know how to prepare for their Big Event

You may have a general question about our fundraising programs, like how long a fundraiser typically lasts or how our fundraising process works

The kickoff is where you get the chance to promote your fundraising program to your students. If performed well, it can mean raising significantly more money. We will help prepare you for your kickoff by providing the tools that you will need to be successful.

You might be unsure of the type of fundraiser that you want to do and want to learn more about brochure fundraising, or perhaps you are not completely sure that selling cookie dough is the best idea. Find answers to specific questions about a particular brochure or product type

Promoting your fundraiser effectively will ensure that you bring in as much money as possible. Your sellers will need to be reminded about what they can win on a consistent basis. You can do this by using posters, showing videos, sending out information letters as well announcing your sale over the intercom

Having the right sales tools at your disposal will help your fundraiser run smoothly and successfully. Make sure that you take full advantage of what we have to offer

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Have a question?

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