The kickoff is where you get the chance to promote your fundraising program to your students. If performed well, it can mean raising significantly more money. We will help prepare you for your kickoff by providing the tools that you will need to be successful.

Don’t just hand out your discount cards and expect your students to bring back the money. Make sure they know what’s expected of them. Here’s how you will want to prepare for a discount card fundraising kickoff

A great kickoff will create the momentum needed for a successful fundraiser. Here is how you will want to prepare for your school wide kickoff

The kickoff is probably the most significant phase of the fundraising process. You will want to plan ahead so that you will be ready to successfully motivate your students to sell. Here is how you will want to prepare for your smaller group kickoff

Using your kickoff DVD is simple and easy. Here is how to use your kickoff DVD

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