Sales Tools

Having the right sales tools at your disposal will help your fundraiser run smoothly and successfully. Make sure that you take full advantage of what we have to offer

Yes, you will receive a sales report for your records after we have processed your order

Before you decide to work with anyone, make sure that you know the answers to 10 Questions to Ask a School Fundraising Company

Prior to your kickoff you will receive our Fundraiser Supply Kit which will contain everything you need for a successful sale

Yes, we recommend meeting as often as you are able with your group during your sale to check on their progress. For more information you can review our How to Track Your Fundraising Progress document

It’s important to first determine how much total money you will need and then determine how many items each student will need to sell in order for you to reach your fundraising goal. For more information see our Group Goal Setting Guide

We offer school fundraising tips for everyone involved including advice for parents, students and fundraising coordinators

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Have a question?

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