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Reptile Adventures

Top School Fundraising Incentive Ideas | Reptile Adventures Prize Program

Reptile Adventures is the most unique prize program in school fundraising! Motivate your sellers like never before.

Our 'Big Event Reptile Adventures Show' is offered as a reward to students for making brochure sales. Our program offers:

  • A Creative Way to Learn about Reptiles
  • An Exciting Hands-on Experience
  • Cumulative Prize Levels

Students only need to sell 5 items from their brochure to gain admission to this incredible 1 hour event at their school!

Download the prize brochure PDF

Additional Information

  • It was a great show! Our students were completely engaged and extremely interested in Reptile Adventures. The reptile expert did a great job of providing very useful information while at the same time making his presentation entertaining to the students. The Reptile Adventures Show was excellent and I will definitely recommend it to others.

    Sandra Guardiola PTA Treasurer
    Milton Elementary