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Reptile Adventures

Top School Fundraising Incentive Ideas | Reptile Adventures Prize Program

Reptile Adventures is the most unique prize program in school fundraising! Motivate your sellers like never before.

Our 'Big Event Reptile Adventures Show' is offered as a reward to students for making brochure sales. Our program offers:

  • A Creative Way to Learn about Reptiles
  • An Exciting Hands-on Experience
  • Cumulative Prize Levels

Students only need to sell 5 items from their brochure to gain admission to this incredible 1 hour event at their school!

Download the prize brochure PDF

Additional Information

  • The Reptile Adventures Show was extremely educational as well as entertaining for everyone involved! It was great to see the large variety of reptiles including the larger reptiles which added to the 'WOW' factor for the students. Our students also received a lot of hands-on interaction with the reptiles which was very important for them. Every minute was action-packed! Our parents were also very impressed with the show's professionalism. We had several positive comments and parents thanking us after the show.

    Christina Purnell Vacation Bible School Director
    St Pius School