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Super Splash Party

Top School Fundraising Incentive Ideas | Super Splash Party Prize Program

Students love our super splash party as a school fundraising incentive. This program offers action-packed fun & excitement!

Our 'Big Event Super Splash Party' is offered as a reward to students for making brochure sales. Our program offers:

  • A Large Selection of Wet Inflatable Games
  • Action-Packed Fun & Excitement
  • Cumulative Prize Levels

Students only need to sell 8 items from their brochure to go to this incredible 2 hour event at their school!

Download the prize brochure PDF

Additional Information

  • Our students had a blast at the Big Event Super Splash Party! The students had plenty to do and to top it off the event was very clean and well organized. The Super Splash Party was excellent and I will definitely recommend it to others!

    Raynaldo Perez Principal
    Archie Parr Elementary