Our 4 Step Fundraising Process

We will be with you every step of the way! From selecting the right school fundraising program to your delivery, you can expect to receive the best service possible.

STEP ONE - Choose your Sales Brochure
The first step is to help you decide which product brochures will be most appealing to your customers. We have a great selection to choose from, including gift brochures, chocolates, cookie dough, discount cards, frozen food, and even a sports mug brochure which also includes a mug that you can customize with your group’s name and logo.

STEP TWO - Choose your Prize Program
The second step is to help you pick from one of our exciting prize programs that will motivate your group to really get out there and sell. You can choose from our standard prize programs, sportswear, or cash prize plans, OR you can really get your group excited with our exclusive Big Event prize programs. Our Big Event programs include our popular Big Event Super Party and Big Event Super Splash Party, as well as our new Big Event Reptile Adventures and the Big Event Magic Show. These programs really motivate your sellers, because they know they only have to sell a few items in order to earn their way to the fun event you’ve selected. They’ll also have the chance to win additional prizes and special privileges by selling more items. We’ll help you choose the right prize program for your group, as well as show you the added value of an educationally-based prize program such as the Big Event Magic Show or Big Event Reptile Adventures.

STEP THREE - Getting Set to Sell
The third step is to help you schedule the perfect date for your kickoff and supply you with your fundraising materials. Once your kickoff date is set, you will receive:

  • Your Big Event Fundraising Supply Kit containing a fundraising flowchart, which will provide an overview of the entire fundraising process, a ‘How to Prepare for your Kickoff’ instructions sheet, your step-by-step fundraising instructions manual, extra order forms to be used as needed, Class/Group envelopes for sorting your completed order forms into classrooms or teams, and a postage paid mailing box for returning your completed order forms to us for processing.
  • We will also provide you with promotional materials including prize program flyers to place around your facility, and a ‘kickoff & promotion DVD’ that will get your sellers excited at the kickoff and keep them motivated throughout your entire fundraiser.
  • You will receive individual fundraising packets to pass out to each of your sellers to take home on the day of the kickoff, which will include a customized parent letter to parents explaining important ‘need to know items’ for the fundraiser, your product brochure and prize program brochure, an order form and a money collection envelope.

STEP FOUR – Order Processing and Shipping
Once we receive your completed order forms we will enter the orders into our system and prepare you a detailed fundraiser’s report booklet. Your order is packed and scanned to check for accuracy and then loaded for shipping. We will notify you in advance as soon as your order ships so that you can make plans for your delivery before it arrives.

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