What kind of overall service did our fundraising groups receive? Did they their supplies arrive in a timely manner? Were people satisfied with the products? Take a look at what our customers said about us

We have been working with Big Event Fundraising for over 5 years. Their service continues to be exceptional and they have helped us increase our profit tremendously!
Brenda Martinez Assistant Principal
Big Event Fundraising was very helpful as the student sales reports were excellent and done for you! It was a great money maker with little work involved!
Laurie Cisneros PTA President

Big Event Fundraising did an exceptional job with our fundraiser. The overall service that we received was very good. The children and parents were very excited about the prize incentives. Big Event Fundraising was excellent and I will definitely recommend them to others.

Deborah A. Morales PTO President

The Big Event Fundraising team is very professional and always ready to help! Everyone, from the office personnel to the delivery personnel, is very supportive. We would definitely recommend Big Event Fundraising to others.

Maureen Stevens PTA Fundraiser Chairperson

Big Event Fundraising is wonderful to work with. They are always available to help me and fix any problem the day I call.

Valerie Layton PTO President

For this being my first time ever doing this, Big Event Fundraising made the fundraising process extremely easy! They were always available to address any concerns that we had. The product quality was also great. Our sales actually doubled from previous years as we brought in more money than ever before! We are definitely interested in working with them again next year!

Chelsi Persellin PTA Fundraising Coordinator
I enjoyed participating in this fundraising event; least effort we have had to put forth.
Angie Ramirez Principal

Everything ran smoothly with Big Event Fundraising. Step by step instructions were great. Thank you!

Maria Elena Rodriguez Fundraising Chair

We enjoyed working with Big Event Fundraising. The service was excellent and we recommend them highly.

Raynaldo Perez Principal

Big Event Fundraising provides excellent service and I definitely recommend them to others.

Pete Morales Principal


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