Super Party

Did the Super Party really inspire more students to participate in their school fundraiser? More importantly, did they enjoy the actual Super Party experience? Read about what those who attended it firsthand had to say

Everything was great! I feel that this type of party makes our fundraiser a success!
Sonia Longoria Fundraising Chair
The students look forward to and are motivated to sell because of the Super Party!
Gloria Paredes PTA Vice President
Big Event Fundraising is a wonderful company to work with! The students love the Super Party and look forward to it every year!
Valerie Layton PTO President

Our students had a wonderful time at the Super Party!

Ruben De La Rosa Assistant Principal

Our students had a blast and enjoyed themselves tremendously! Excellent event!

Raynaldo Perez Principal

After experiencing the Super Splash Party in the spring, we jumped at the chance to have a Super Party this fall! Our students had a blast at the Super Party as both parents and students have been supportive of our fundraising events!

Elizabeth Gongora Principal

This is the best Super Party we have ever had! We had 456 students sell 12 items or more as our sales skyrocketed like never before. The students had a fantastic time with smiles on their faces. The Super Party was a great way to say Thank you to the students and parents for all of their hard work on the sale.

Caryn Fox Assistant Principal

Our students had a very good time and really enjoyed themselves! Great event!

Angie Ramirez Principal

Everyone had a blast and enjoyed themselves tremendously! The Super Party was extremely clean and exceptionally organized. I will definitely recommend this event to others!

Dixie Holt PTA Fundraising Chairman

Everything ran smoothly and the children had a blast! The attractions at the Super Party were exciting for the students. I definitely recommend this program!

Jane Trevino Assistant Principal


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